Content marketing is considered a relatively new facet of online marketing, but brands telling their stories is nothing new.
Throughout history companies have used content to attract, engage and convert their customers. The channels and approach to content distribution, however, has changed significantly.

What can our Content Marketing services do for you?

“If you’re not putting out relevant content, in relevant places, you don’t exist.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gone are the days when traditional outbound marketing could be your only advertising strategy. Today, DVRs allow consumers to skip commercials altogether. Newspaper readership has declined rapidly through the years. The internet has revolutionized the way consumers shop, and in turn, how brands must market. Consumers are in control of the buying process, researching their options extensively. The internet has empowered consumers, and unless a brand is creating the content shoppers are looking for, they aren’t going to win the sale.

88% of B2B marketers and 76% of B2C marketers report using content marketing strategies. Half of the brands in both of those groups also say they plan to increase their budgets in the near future. Content is being produced at an unprecedented rate. With so much content being produced, how can your brand break through the noise?

Content to Educate and Inspire

If 81% of consumers are starting online to research a product, you have to generate the content they are looking for, optimize it for organic success and conversions, then promote it for greater reach. A website has to be more than just a brochure of services, it needs to provide value to the readers.  Search engines no longer award search visibility to a website because they use the right keywords.  They award search visibility to the websites that offer the most benefit to the searcher.   They have become more and more adept at understanding what a website has to offer, and sending searchers there based on their intent and a website’s relevancy to their search and online behavior.

Earning search visibility is important, but your content needs to go beyond attracting visitors. It needs to engage and convert them, to generate the results you’re after. Once content is placed online, it needs to be tracked, measured, analyzed and optimized for better performance.

Your content needs to attract visitors, then go beyond to engage and convert them, to generate the results you’re after.  Your content needs to be engaging, thought provoking and informative. It needs to be visually appealing and offer a unique perspective. Through well written content, your brand has the opportunity to establish itself as an industry resource, drive qualified traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers. Our team of content writers and promoters understand what needs to happen to make content successful, and are committed to creating content marketing strategies that deliver.